Medieval banquet

in Kempfeld's castle Wildenburg


On 12 November
on that evening at the seventh hour
this exquisite event featuring a feast, full tankards
and all kinds of entertainment will be celebrated.

€ 69.00 per person

Should you want a much sought-after space at the table, let me know. We don’t want another knight to have to dine with the pigs in their sty.

Contact +49 (0)6786/9700 or see for information and bookings!

Senior noble knights with your charming ladies of the castle


Whilst dressed in medieval garments, you will be served up an extravagant feast in our Wildenburg castle. The feast and wine shall be tested for poisoning to ensure you will have no doubts about the salubriousness of your meal.

Some heartfelt ballads, and a few rumbustious satirical and drinking songs, will bring music to your ears and get you into the spirit of things.

There will also be no shortage of magic. Some valiant games will also be played on the night to add to the fun and entertain the crowds.



Allow yourself to be mesmerised for an evening by the fascinating Middle Ages and enjoy the magical atmosphere of glowing candlelight in the room of an ancient, 13th century castle.

It is customary to eat with your fingers and a dagger, and to eat and drink from handmade pottery.

Turn up in medieval garb or let us provide you with attire.

A cracking, hearty evening set in the style of the late Middle Ages awaits you,

  • with a welcome drink,
  • opulent 6-course menu,
  • a table laid with water, wine and the lord of the castle’s ale,
  • Medieval style clothing for borrowing,
  • an entertainment programme and medieval jugglers