A new kind of get together for friends and family

A new kind of get together for friends and family

Gatherings bring so much joy! For big and little ones.


Invite family and friends over and make yourself at home in our hotel. We have spacious rooms with plenty of room for you to get together, relax and enjoy each other’s company. You can also book our three-bed suite (price upon request), should you wish. The perfect set-up to create rich experiences that will remain with you for a long time to come.

Single room: € 237.00 per person
Double room: € 189.00 per person

Additional bed placed in the parent’s room
Children from 5-12 years
Cot free
Children under 5 years staying in their parent’s room

Friday arrivals

Depending on the size of your family or group of friends, we’d be happy to reserve our farmer’s restaurant for you. There you can be merry, eat, drink, laugh, chat and have fun together.

We’d be happy to serve you a 3-course meal in the evening or you can make your own selections from our diverse menu.


How about a walk together in the National Park? Or bring the children to visit the lynx and wolves in the wildlife reserve? Climb and scramble between two millenia of history in Wildenburg castle? Or head to the ‘Zauberwald’ – an experience not only for the little ones. In the months from April to October, you and your whole family can experience plenty of fun on a Mosel boat tour.

No matter what you want to do: short driving times are guaranteed and a picnic basket (included) is ready and waiting for you. Get going!

We’ll treat you to fresh waffles or cake in the afternoon, indoors or outdoors. Make yourself comfortable according to your needs and look forward to an evening get together in front of a large spread.

We are happy to serve you a traditional, 3-course family meal – commencing with hot soup from a large tureen, with bowls and plates packed with tasty dishes covering your table. Just like the old days.


Family Sunday breakfast! Our offer consists of an abundant breakfast with an extended brunch. Of course, coffee to kick-start the day and breakfast will already be available for early risers.

And you will already be looking forward to the next meet-up as you part.



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